Monday, 11 June 2012

10 reasons to learn French

  1. French is a language spoken in five different continents and is considered as one of the most extensively used languages around the globe. Many international organizations consider French as their official language and it is the third most extensively used language on the World Wide Web after English and German.
  2. When it comes to applying for jobs internationally, being able to speak French is definitely a great advantage considering the fact that French companies can be found globally. France is one of the top choices of foreign investors, so you get ahead of the competition if you know how to speak French.
  3. Speaking another language helps in honing your creative and critical thinking abilities. Brain memory and function is enhanced as you get to see your progress in learning the language day after day.
  4. Your resume will definitely catch the eye of an interviewer if he or she sees that you can speak another language – especially French. This gives the impression that you are flexible as well as willing to learn new things.
  5. Many graduate schools nowadays expect their students to know one or more foreign languages, such as French.
  6. Because about 40-50% of the English vocabulary has French origins, then you’d figure out that learning French will not only boost your grammar skills but also improve your proficiency in the English language.
  7. French is believed by many people to be a language of love because of its pleasant sound and harmonious rhythm.
  8. French is a language of culture. Learn more about the arts, music, fashion, dance and movies. You might not know it, but France actually produces many international films. Enjoy a French film without having to rely on the subtitles.
  9. It takes only about 720 hours to achieve an advanced level of speaking proficiency in French. Compared to other languages such as Chinese or Arabic, a thousand hours of learning will only yield a level of proficiency.
  10. Learning a good amount of French will allow you to socialize better when you travel to other countries or when meeting people from different places.

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